Want to beat the summer heat in style? The Saari Girl's this Summer Sarees blog will have you in style this all summer season. From attending a wedding in summer, a festive gathering, or just looking to make an impact, this guide will cover everything you need to slay your style this summer!


1. Lightweight and Breathable Saree Fabrics

To slay your summer sarees in style, the fabric plays an important part in your styling. Lightweight and breathable materials like cotton, organic cotton & chiffon might be your best choices to let you do your fashion right. You may ask why? The fabric is really easy to drape, looks amazingly beautiful and offer and effortless and elegant look.
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2. Pastel Sarees: The Perfect Summer Colors

The scorching heat in summer calls for light and pleasing colours. Think about sarees in cool colours or bright hues, which not only beat the heat for you, but also let you carry your look in style. If you're already daydreaming of yourself in such beautiful sarees, we got the Rani Collection for you! 


3. Floral Sarees for a Vibrant Summer

Floral prints and summer go hand in hand!
They not just add a touch of femininity but also a vibrant colour palette to your style. Ranging from oversized blooms to delicate & intricate patterns, floral sarees are a must-have for this summer season, especially when you're expecting to make a statement in your daytime festivities.


4. Minimalist Sarees for Elegant Summer Style

Well, everybody got their own taste, right? For those who prefer a more subtle yet elegant look, our minimalist sarees are a way to go. With minimal embellishments and subtle patterns, these sarees can catch anyone's eye and effortlessly elevate your look. Choosing just the right accessories can put the cherry on top!
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5. Playful Printed Sarees

Playful printed sarees, featuring geometric designs or polka dots, can bring some fun elements to your summer attire. These patterns are not only fashionable but also functional. Depending on the occasion, you can dress them formally or casually. A simple blouse and a saree with playful design would look great together for a semi-formal or casual day out.


6. Sheer Sarees for Evening Elegance

Evening occasions are a great occasion to wear sheer sarees. They maintain their elegance while adding a touch of attraction. Your summer nights will glitter just right when you wear net or organza sarees with delicate embroidered or sequin work. These sarees are ideal for formal events when you desire to stand out.


7. Mix and Match Saree Styles

This summer, don't be scared to try different saree looks. Play with opposing hues, mix and match different contrasts, and try out different saree draping techniques. This allows you to make the most of your current saree collection in addition to giving you a new appearance every time. This is not only fashionable but also a cost-efficient technique to elevate your style game with the same saree wardrobe you have.

As The Saari Girl, our mission is to help you celebrate the timeless beauty of sarees while staying comfortable and stylish, especially during the scorching summer months. So, go ahead and explore these summer sarees to styles. Remember, a saree is not just an outfit; it's a statement of elegance, tradition, and personal style.