Dear Saari Girls, fear not, for this is a fall you will very much enjoy. Now you must know what we are talking about. no, it has nothing to do with you tripping! That’s the last thing we’d wish for. Any other guesses before we give it away?


Very well, here you go! 


Fall in the saari dictionary means two things:

  1. Fall of the Saari

This is quite literally how the saari falls; how the pleats settle, how smooth and frequently how ‘close the whole look comes about. This fall is how elegant your saari settles making you look like an absolute dream. 


The best fabrics for an awesome fall should have a smooth silken feel, like solid charmeuse silks, chiffons, georgettes, banarsis, cotton silks, and chunris. 


These fabrics have a light, smooth, and soft feel to them which makes them super easy to have perfect pleats giving you the perfect draping experience.


  1. Fall attached to the Saari


This is sown onto the saari. You may have heard the song Saaree ki Fall sa and this is pretty much the same thing, literally. 


This fall means extra clothing attached to the saari to make sure it stays upright and gives a defined volume to the overall saari look. It also acts as a protective layer against potential damage from shoes (the most lethal type: heels). 


It is primarily stitched to the inner of the saari and can be in the color of your choice. You normally won’t see it from the outside and it only covers the pleats area so your pleats are more voluminous. 


Now, this fall is up to your own liking, if you wish to have a more sturdy saari draping, then you can get additional cotton cloth, preferably 3.25-3.5 yards, and get it stitched inside the saari in the area where it is not visible.


Many people get confused with the fall fabric, but we hope this little excerpt helped provide some clarity!


So girls, what are you waiting for? Ready to take this fall?