Are you one of those girls who has grown up envisioning herself in place of the lovely Miss Chandni from “Main Hoon Na” ?

Just mesmerized by her sarees and waiting for your saree moment to happen? And are you just simply too shy to admit this? Well it’s time to bring out that diva in you!

We understand too well that there can be a lot of hesitation when shopping for sarees. What will suit me? Will I be able to carry it? What if it falls off (it doesn’t promise, thank the Lord for safety pins in the 21st century)? 

We provide you a one stop solution for stitched sarees, tailored to your size and preference, all with the tap of a single button. No need for any hustle bustle, do it all for you from the comfort of your home!

The Saari Girl rests on the bedrock normalizing and removing any and all apprehensions around sarees.

We aim to gradually remove the archaic concept of being of a certain “age” to wear a saree, being of a certain “body type” or wearing a saree of a particular fabric, for that matter. 

We believe that women have the right to govern their bodies, without any shackles of people’s opinions on what suits them and what is best for them.

To our lovely girls, we are here to back you and give you all the confidence that you need to be comfortable in the choices that you make for yourself! We are rooting for you!   

The Saari Girl stands with you every step of the way playing its full part in normalizing a garment that has been a part of Pakistan’s culture and history for generations.

Sarees have existed in the sub-continent since the time of the Indus Valley Civilization! So for something that has been a part of our heritage for so long, why then do we hesitate to own it?

Why have we deemed it appropriate only for certain occasions?

We urge our Saari Girls to play their part in restoring sarees to their former glory. We are all here for empowering women and making them comfortable in their own skin.

Cheers to normalizing sarees in Pakistan, cheers to all body types and cheers to the girl reading this who has finally made up her mind to act upon her desire to get a saree for so long.

We got you sis! Saari sarees under one roof (read e-roof).

Happy Saree Shopping!