In a world that is fast to evolve, specifically in terms of fashion, there can be a lot of pressure on young girls and even older women to look a certain way. We live in a world of fast fashion, where keeping up with trends is not only economically straining but also damaging to the environment.
As we move on, blending different cultures, tastes and trends is something that produces new fashion everyday. Coincidentally, the same phenomenon also makes space for one to follow style which they deem most comforting.
In the pursuit of keeping up with modern, fast moving fashion, many of us Pakistanis forgot and to a great extent underestimated, the difference that a saree can make in a woman’s wardrobe -- and more importantly, in the way she feels as the 6 yards of cloth envelope her body. The versatility, dynamism and sheer grace that a saree brings to its wearer is something else altogether.
Some of the most iconic female personalities like that of Noor Jehan, Mussarat Nazir and Farida Khanum of Pakistan are renowned for their art, and the way in which they presented themselves to the world as they performed was yet another form of art; as the Pakistani queen of music, Noor Jehan, sang in her mesmerizing voice, her hair set back, smoky eyes adrift, lips painted boldly, what stoodout perhaps the most was her exemplary choice of saree. Noor Jehan can be seen in most of her performances, clad in a saree, that enabled her and her peers to become trendsetters generations come. These individuals not only  looked up to them as fans of their music but also their fashion choice Their fandom continues to thrive to this day.
As an ode to Noor Jehan and to keep her fashion legacy in continuation, The Saari Girl has dedicated an entire collection of timeless banarsis named Noor e Jehan Banarsis. These handcrafted banarsis are a veneration of Noor Jehan and are purposefully named Noor e Jehan, meaning 'light of the world', which she was through her beautiful voice and overall personality.
Our Banarsi Sarees are an extensive but exclusive line, so our pieces are limited. This means we will have something for everyone's unique personality! The collection consists of intricate designs on Banarsi silk fabric in a variety of different colors making the sarees stand out and perfectly synonymous to the timeless beauty and melancholic voice of the queen of melody of Pakistan.
Speaking of timelessness, mukesh sarees from our Kamdani and Mukaish Saree collection are hand-woven with 4 months of artisanship in each piece! They resonate perfection and can be dyed in any colour of your choice. These are completely handcrafted, and symbolic to the true heritage of the country; they embody timelessness and can be passed on as heirlooms. We celebrate the traditions of the subcontinent through these icons woven with the work of our artisans.
We at the Saari Girl work towards fashion that is sustainable and trends that are forever in! By looking upto legacies in art, we encourage classic, immutable fashion. The saree as a garment is always in style. It can be worn anywhere, and shared between individuals of different body types. That is the sheer beauty of it! We continue to innovate, too of course, but within sarees, keeping at the fore our motto: normalizing sarees in Pakistan. It is our priority to remove the taboo around them, as quoted by thousands in our audience. With your support, we know there is only one way ahead: the way up!   
We are trendy, we are conventional, we are chic and we are stylish; we firmly believe that there is nothing that a saree, a good matching lipstick (if you so desire, otherwise natural beauty for the win ladies!), a bit of oomph and a lot of confidence cannot fix. Our icons have exhibited us that exactly! We are a sisterhood and just a message away to give you that one final nudge to push you towards what your heart desires. 
Happy (online) Saree Shopping Lovelies!