Trust issues are real and we are right here to address them!

Online shopping, let alone online saari shopping, can be stressful and all those horror stories of Pakistani brands online being unethical in one way or another? The scars are too deep to be forgotten. 

Well, over here, know that we are on your side; we too have been victim of the dishonesty that pervade the market. We know what it feels like, so worry not, none of that will haunt you here!

First things first: our fabrics consist of the finest of weaves, delicately sown together to ensure the smoothest of finishes. No matter what, we do not compromise on our quality. 

Secondly, our products are fairly priced to ensure that access for saaris gets across to as wide an audience as possible. The fair prices are on both ends of the spectrum - for our customers so that they may enjoy as many saaris as possible, and for our workers so that they are fairly paid for their hard-work. 

So by now, you would have realized that fair prices in no way mean compromised work quality. In fact, they ascertain top work quality!
We care for you, a lot. Like A LOT! 

Thirdly, all our pictures are with minimal edits to ensure the truest possible depictions! Please bear in mind that individual monitor settings on your screens may influence minor changes but it is our utmost effort to portray everything as real as it can be!

Lastly, in any case, anything goes wrong - we are a text away at WhatsApp Need an amendment in your size? A customization in your order? A speedy delivery? Just message us and we will do our best to ensure it! 

Forget the sweltering visits to the market, energies wasted in bargains and  tussles with tailors to get the best fit. We bring you authentic saaris in a price range and quality that is unmatched! All from the comfort of your bed. Sip that soda, and order that saari!

So, go on, your DREAM SAARI awaits you.
You can trust us with it! 

The Saari Girl