Well HELLO there readers!

I guess you too have thought of this ill-fated question. Not to worry, you are not alone. I remember the first time I wore a saari. The girls in my class had started going on crash diets from weeks earlier to shed some extra pounds. And the worst part? Most of them were already very skinny. 

“We don’t want to look fat!”
“Uff Allah..my stomach will bulge out, what do I do?”
“Will silk make me look more bulky?”
At age 16, these were just a few of the questions I was confounded with. By societal standards, I was thin, but that made no difference. The questions still impacted me and have stuck with me till date. As they probably have with you, and that gives us all the more reason to challenge them!
I remind myself as should you that notions around ‘ideal body type’ and beauty standards are all social constructs. They are not rooted in any logic. Saari is a dress and it can be for anyone.

Saaris should know no age, color, ethnicity or size! Isn’t it kind of ridiculous that society has ascribed a piece of clothing categories? 

So dear reader, have confidence in your skin. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are unique. And there should be no reason that you can not wear anything that you please. Take a leap of faith and wear that saari. We know you’ll rock it and we are right here rooting for you!

The Saari Girl